Why “CPA Nerds”?

Well, why not? We recognize and accept the fact that most everyone thinks that CPA’s are nerdy people. So rather than fight a battle we can never win, we decided to embrace the concept. Besides, we can use it to create a web site and email addresses that are easy to remember.

Accountants, for the most part, are perceived as being overly serious, stiff, introverted, and generally lacking in personality. These perceptions are the basis for most accountant jokes. Like, how can you tell an introverted accountant from an extroverted accountant? Extroverted accountants stare at YOUR shoes when they’re talking to you.

While we don’t perceive ourselves as being overly serious, stiff, introverted and lacking in personality, we are still nerds. How else can you describe a person that goes to college and majors in accounting. In college, we took an introductory accounting class and liked it. The marketing majors bailed. Then we took an intermediate accounting class and liked it. The finance majors bailed. We took more financial accounting classes, cost accounting classes, individual tax classes, and corporate tax classes. We could have majored in art. We could have majored in history. We could have submerged ourselves in a world of color and culture. We chose accounting. We must be nerds. How else can you explain it?

But the fact remains that when you need an accountant, it doesn’t do you any good to talk to an artist or historian. You talk to an accountant. In fact, you should talk to an accountant that thinks accounting is cool. You talk to a CPA nerd. And so we are back to how we got our web site name.

What Makes Us Nerdy